2 Of The Best Gimbals For Sony X3000 Cameras On The Market!

After seeing so many people reach out for advice on a decent gimbal for Sony x3000 cameras we decided to publish this article to help as many of our readers who are in this same situation as possible. Thankfully, over the last few years some great, very budget friendly gimbals have been released onto the market for action cameras other than just GoPros.

There are two gimbal stabilizers that instantly spring to mind when thinking of options for your x3000 action camera and we have decided to feature both of them in this article. The first one is a more budget-friendly gimbal that will serve you well but pretty much restricts you to only using it with your x3000 and some old GoPros. The second one is a little more expensive but offers much more functionality as well as the ability to use it with a large number of other DSLR and mirrorless cameras as well as your smartphone and other action cameras too.

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The Feiyu Tech GM-G4-S 3-Axis Gimbal for Sony Action Cameras

The Feiyu Tech GM-G4-S 3-Axis Gimbal (Click here to check for product prices and availability) is a great little gimbal for Sony x3000 cameras that is cheap, easy to use, and has a very nice build quality meaning that it is able to easily take a ton of punishment while out and about doing your action sports without breaking. The only real downside of the camera is that it only works with the Sony FDR-X1000V and AS series of action cameras as well as some older generation GoPros meaning you won’t be able to use it with anything else. One the flipside though, although this is a limitation for some people, it has resulted in a very cheap gimbal system so if you are only planning to use your x3000 with it then it doesn’t matter and actually works to your advantage by letting you pick this up for less than half the price of the other budget range gimbals on the market right now.

The Feiyu Tech GM-G4-S is based around the very easy to use 3-axis handheld gimbal that has proven very popular over the years due to how easy it is to mount and balance your action cam and then get out and about enjoying your action sport of choice. Additionally, as it is a very small handheld gimbal system it only comes in at around one pound while being around twelve inches long meaning you can easily pack it in your kit bag without even noticing the additional weight or space being taken up.

The video below is some test footage recorded on a Sony X3000 while it was mounted on a Feiyu Tech GM-G4-S. As you can see from the footage, it offers some excellent smooth footage due to the image stabilization provided by the gimbal system.

Now, one of the main problems with these entry-level gimbal systems is that their battery life can run out very quickly but thankfully, the Feiyu Tech GM-G4-S comes with four fully rechargeable batteries while requiring two of them to power the gimbal at any given time. This means that once gimbal has ran out of power you are able to simply swap out the spent batteries for the fresh pair and continue as you please. Additionally, there are also a number of independent reports (click here to read some of them) from owners of the Feiyu Tech gimbals specifically commenting on how good the battery life is.

If you are looking for a decent little handheld gimbal stabilizer for your Sony X3000 that won’t break the bank then we really think you should seriously consider picking up the Feiyu Tech GM-G4-S.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Feiyu Tech GM-G4-S 3-Axis Gimbal to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

The Zhiyun Crane-M

A more premium level gimbal for Sony x3000 cameras is the Zhiyun Crane-M (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Now in all honesty, as we mentioned earlier, if you are only looking for a gimbal to work with your x3000 then we would actually recommend the Feiyu Tech GM-G4-S covered above over this as there is no need to waste money when the added functionality isn’t going to provide you with anything. That said, if you are wanting to also mount your smartphone, the more modern GoPro models or a lightweight mirrorless camera on your gimbal in addition to your x3000 then the Zhiyun Crane-M is the better choice.

Another thing that is massively upgraded with the Zhiyun Crane-M is its battery life, rather than being able to stay powered for around six hours max including a battery swap like the Feiyu Tech GM-G4-S above, the Zhiyun Crane-M can last around twelve hours from a single battery charge. Due to the Sony X3000 being such a lightweight bit of kit, we would expect that you would always be able to get as close to the twelve hours of battery life as possible per charge too.

The Zhiyun Crane-M is also based around the tried and tested 3-axis handheld gimbal system making it very easy to use. With an action camera as lightweight as the Sony X3000, the gimbal is very easy to balance and you will be able to take it from your bag to be fully balanced and ready to go in around thirty seconds using the built-in balancing system.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, if you are looking to use additional cameras on top of your Sony X3000 then the Zhiyun Crane-M is probably the handheld gimbal stabilizer for you. Considering the overall pricing range of gimbals it is still considered to be a budget-friendly gimbal system but offers some excellent functionality and performance when used with a large range of different camera types.

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Click Here To Check For Prices On This Product!

The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Zhiyun Crane-M to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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