The Best Gimbal For Lumix LX10 Cameras!

We are going to be going over what we feel is the best gimbal for Lumix lx10 cameras in today’s article as we have noticed a steady number of lx10 owners reaching out for advice on gimbal stabilizers for their camera. Thankfully, the lx10 is a very lightweight camera that comes in at only 0.68lbs allowing you to easily use it with a large number of high-quality gimbals.

Rather than featuring a single gimbal for the lx10, we are going to be going over two. The first one is an entry level gimbal with a lower price tag with the second one being a slightly higher priced gimbal that provides better performance and functionality with some excellent image stabilization. In all honesty, for the lx10, we feel that the cheaper gimbal system is going to be able to meet the vast majority of the needs of our readers while also saving you some money rather than folking out for the more expensive gimbal.

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The Feiyu G6 Plus

In our opinion, one of the best gimbals for Lumix lx10 cameras currently available on the market right now is the Feiyu G6 Plus 3-axis gimbal (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Although this gimbal initially got of to a bit of a rocky start, its low price point, decent functionality, and great image stabilization have helped it establish itself firmly amongst the competition and its customer base continues to grow at a steady pace.

Rather than shelling out more than double the price for the mid-ranged gimbals on the market like you would have to if you had a heavier camera, the Feiyu G6 Plus is able to provide everything you require. As your Panasonic Lumix lx10 comes in at around 0.68lbs and the payload of the Feiyu G6 Plus being just over 1.76lbs it is easily able to support the weight of your camera and keep its video footage as stable as possible without issue while providing around eight hours of battery life from a full charge.

The video below features some test footage that shows the kind of image stabilization that you are able to expect out of your Feiyu G6 Plus. We have seen a number of people commenting on it offering poor image quality but as you can see below, it performs fine.

As you would expect from any small handheld gimbal stabilizer, the Feiyu G6 Plus is also able to easily support all popular smartphones as well as the vast majority of action cameras currently available on the market right now. The variable mounting system of the gimbal allows you easily hot swap between your recording devices on the fly without wasting any time.

You are also able to download the Feiyu smartphone app to Android and iOS devices to allow you to quickly and easily tweak the settings of the gimbal on the fly without having to waste time. This can help you get the best possible footage out of your Lumix lx10 and adapt the performance of your rig to various situations that you may find yourself in.

As with almost everything in life, the Feiyu G6 Plus does have one main downside and that is its battery life. That said, we feel that eight hours will be more than enough for the vast majority of our readers and due to the Lumix lx10 being such a lightweight camera only needing around half of the payload capacity of the gimbal you can safely expect to get more than the listed eight hours of battery anyway.

If you are looking to add a cheap, easy to use gimbal to your camera accessories for your Lumix lx10 then we really do think that you should be considering the Feiyu G6 Plus. If offers a very budget friendly source of image stabilization for your camera and as the video above shows, it helps produce video footage with excellent image quality.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Feiyu G6 to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

The Zhiyun Crane M

If you have a higher budget available then you may consider the best gimbal for Lumix lx10 cameras to be the Zhiyun Crane M (Click here to check for product prices and availability) handheld gimbal stabilizer. With a payload of around 1.43 pounds, it is easily able to take the weight of the Lumix lx10 of around 0.68lbs without issue. As you would expect from a higher price tag item, its image stabilization is also better and its battery life is increased by four hours offering you a maximum of twelve hours of battery life per full charge.

Being based around the 3-axis gimbal system the Zhiyun Crane M is insanely easy to use and its simple design makes it even easier making it the ideal option if you are brand new to gimbals but in all honesty, if you can work your way around the settings of the Lumix lx10 then you will be able to work the Feiyu G6 Plus covered above without issue anyway. We have some footage below that was recorded using the Zhiyun Crane M and does a good job showing off the level of image stabilization and the kind of image quality that it can provide your Lumix lx10.

Just like the Feiyu G6 Plus covered above, the Zhiyun Crane M is able to easily support modern smartphones and many of the modern action cameras too allowing you to use it with other cameras that you may have in your collection in addition to your Panasonic Lumix lx10. Its mounting system is very easy to use too allowing you to change between your camera collection on the fly with minimal effort being required on your part too.

If you have the additional funds available then we feel that the Zhiyun Crane M will make a great addition to your Lumix lx10 camera accessories while easily being able to provide all the image stabilization that you may require of it.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Zhiyun Crane M to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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