6 Of The Best Flashes For Sony A7Rii Cameras!

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at what we feel is the best flash for sony a7rii cameras currently available on the market right now as well as a number of high-quality alternative flashes. Each of the flashes that we have chosen to feature in this article have an excellent reputation within the photography community as well as a proven track record of being the ideal flash choice for your Sony A7Rii.

As new flashes are released onto the market, we will keep this article updated as best we can to ensure that we have the very best, up to date information for our readers.

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The Sony HVLF60M Flash

First up on our list and what we feel is without a doubt the best flash for sony a7rii cameras is the Sony HVLF60M Flash (click to check prices). Since its release back in 2012 the HVLF60M has gone from strength to strength cementing its reputation as one of the best camera flashes that Sony had released to date.

The HVLF60M offers photographers a very powerful output from their flash with a high-quality, versatile cobra design that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the position of the flash to always get the perfect shot. Additionally, the flash can be rotated through one hundred and eighty degrees forward and back to further customize its performance.

The HVLF60M has also been weatherproofed receiving multiple rubber weather seals at various locations around and in the flash to help protect it from the elements when taking photos outside.

Although the HVLF60M has a plastic body, it is very robust and will be able to take plenty of bumps and knocks without having any effect on the performance of the flash. It also comes with a standard horseshoe attachment to fit the majority of modern Sony cameras including the Sony A7Rii without issue.

The Sony HVLF60M Flash, a match made in heaven for the sony a7rii.

If you have any of the older or legacy Sony cameras then an adapter is included with the flash that you simply pop onto your older camera to allow you to use the HVLF60M with those too. The adapter will allow you to keep full control of the flash via your older camera while also allowing you full TTL capabilities.

In addition to the adapter, you also get a balance sheet and light diffuser included that are surprisingly high-quality for an included accessory with the flash. That said, if you prefer, you can easily upgrade them to a third-party version or swap them out for any other diffuser or balance sheet you already have.

The video below is a third-party, independent review and overview of the Sony HVLF60M Flash that may help you get a better overview of the flash.

Although many people have commented on how the HVLF60M is a little large and can feel a little heavy at times, the weight distribution is very well balanced allowing you to snap as you please without feeling any real strain.

If you are familiar with the navigation menu of other Sony flashes then you will see little to no difference with the navigation menu of the HVLF60M. If you are coming from using a different brand of flash then the menu is easy to learn and pick up allowing it to become second nature to you quickly. The navigation menu also has a number of backlight settings to allow you to use it at night or in low light conditions too.

The flash also comes with a torchlight that you can use if you are wanting to do any videography using the flash at night or in low light. The flash comes with an included color conversion filter that allows you to adjust the performance of the torchlight as you please to meet your requirements.

You can set up the Sony HVLF60M to activate as an off-camera flash if you like provided that there is a direct line of sight between the flash and your Sony A7Rii or camera that you are using with it. It also included an efficient wireless control setting that you can use to activate multiple off-camera flashes via the HVLF60M attached to your Sony A7Rii.

Although it depends on your flash and torchlight intensity settings, you will be able to get between three hundred and fifty to four hundred flashes out of a standard battery charge as well as around forty-five minutes of torchlight. The recycle time is around the one second mark and the flash can be set to beep when fully charged and ready to activate.

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The Godox Ving V860IIS – The Contender Flash For The Sony A7Rii Cameras

Next up on our list of what we feel are ideal flashes for the sony a7rii is the Godox Ving V860IIS (click to check prices). It is another very popular camera flash that has managed to develop an excellent reputation within the photography community since its release. Once thing that we would like to point out with this flash is to ensure that you get the variant with the suffix of “S” as linked above. This denotes the flash variant for Sony cameras with the “C” being Canon, and the “N” being Nikon.

The battery that is included with the flash has received a number of upgrades from its previous iteration helping to keep your flash active for longer. It includes the second version of the Godox lithium-ion battery that will allow you to get around six hundred flashes out of a single charge depending on your flash settings. Additionally, this version of the battery brings the flashes full power to recycle time down to around one and a half seconds where other models using the first version of the battery had been closer to five seconds!

The Godox V860IIS, an ideal camera flash for the Sony sony a7rii.

Once the flash has fully recycled, two red LEDs will blink on the flash to let you know it is ready to activate again. Although these LEDs are a nice idea, once you have taken a few hundred photos with the camera you will naturally pick up when the flash has recycled and be able to take your next photo naturally.

The head of the flash can be fully adjusted around its ball and socket joint allowing you to get some unique flash styles while it can also be adjusted back and forwards through two hundred and seventy degrees.

The video below offers a third-party review and overview of the Godox Ving V860IIS that may be useful to you while also offering an independent opinion of the camera flash.

The locking system on the V860IIS is a screw down lock rather than the rotary or blend locks that some other flashes use. This locking system ensures that the flash will stay attached to your Sony a7rii without issue while also being quick and easy for you to remove the flash as and when required.

The navigation menu on the V860IIS is easy to pick up quickly and the interface panel allows you quick and easy access to the flash mode button allowing you to quickly switch between settings. The nav menu is also backlit with two different colors. The green backlight means that the flash is being run in master mode while the orange/red backlight means you are running the flash in slave mode.

Although the V860IIS does not include a video light, we feel that it is still an excellent camera flash that will do the vast majority of sony a7rii photographers well while meeting the majority, if not all of their needs.

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The Sony HVLF43M High Power Flash – An Excellent Sony A7Rii Flash

Next up on our list of Sony a7rii flashes is the Sony HVLF43M High Power Flash (click to check prices). The has been designed to serve as the mid-range flash for the Sony range sitting below the Sony HVLF60M covered earlier in the article. Its lower price point, high built quality, and good performance has made the HVLF43M a very popular flash amongst the photography community.

Being a next gen Sony flash, the HVLF43M comes with the multi-interface shoe that we mentioned earlier that works natively with the Sony A7Rii but is also backward compatible with older and legacy Sony cameras.

Again, the HVLF43M has a plastic body but it is very resilient and can take plenty of knocks without sustaining damage or affecting the performance of the flash. It is slightly smaller than the Sony HVLF60M while also being lighter coming in at around three hundred and fifty grams.

The logo of the sony HVLF43M camera flash that works with the Sony A7Rii.

When compared to the older generation of Sony camera flashes, there are a number of upgrades that have been made to the HVLF43M. It has a number of rubber weatherproofing seals at various locations of the camera to help protect it if you are taking photos with your Sony A7Rii outside.

Although the HVLF43M is powered by four AA batteries, you are able to get around three hundred shots with a recycle time of just under one second without the need to swap your batteries out. That said, this does depend on the settings of your flash but you can counter this by using higher quality AA batteries to further increase the uptime of the flash.

The video below offers a third-party overview of the Sony HVLF43M from an independent photographer.

The range of motion of the HVLF43M is lower than that of the flashes covered above with it only being able to tilt eight degrees forwards and one hundred and fifty degrees backward. In addition to this, you are able to turn the flash through ninety degrees left or right while still getting an even distribution of light from the flash.

The flash also comes with a high-power LED video light that is surprisingly effective. It comes with ten variable brightness settings and can illuminate a larger area than we thought it would be able to when at level ten. Just keep in mind, the higher the setting of your LEF video light, the quick you will drain your battery. The on/off button for the video light is also very easy to access at the base of the flash allowing your to quickly and easily turn it on and off when required.

Again, if you are used to the Sony navigation menu then you will be able to pick the HVLF43M menu up very quickly. It has intuitive menu settings to allow you to easily change your flash performance settings on the fly with minimal effort. While researching this article, we did find a small number of reports from people new to Sony flashes mentioning they found the navigation menu intimidating at first but were able to quickly pick it up.

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The Sony HVL-F45RM – A High-Quality Sony A7R2 Flash Choice

Next up on our list of Sony A7R2 Flashes and the final flash from Sony that we will be covering is the Sony HVL-F45RM (click to check prices). At the time of writing, the HVL-F45RM is a relatively new flash to the market has only been in widespread circulation for between six months and a year depending on where you live. Due to this, the photography community has little exposure to the product but the initial reports and reviews are positive.

As you would expect, the HVL-F45RM can be used as an on-camera flash for your Sony A7Rii as well as an off-camera flash via its wireless commander feature. You can use the HVL-F45RM to remotely trigger up to fifteen cameras separated into five different groups if you choose. Additionally, the recycling time of the flash sits at around two and a half seconds allowing you to trigger the flash around two hundred times before needing to charge or swap out its batteries.

Again, the Sony A7Rii has an easy to use navigation menu, especially if you are used to the Sony layout that allows you to quickly switch between your various settings with minimal effort. The button layout on the HVL-F45RM has also been updated from the other Sony flashes covered on this list and we feel this new design is easier to use.

The head of the HVL-F45RM can be rotated horizontally through three hundred and sixty degrees and one hundred and eighty degrees both left and right. Its forward tilt is only eight degrees but its backward tilt is up to one hundred and fifty degrees. This allows you to quickly change the position of your flash on the fly as required depending on your photography situation.

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The Godox TT685S – The Ideal Entry Level Sony A7R ii Flash

Next up on our list of Sony A7R ii flashes is another product from Godox, the TT685S (click to check prices). Keep in mind that this is a much cheaper flash than the products covered above and is designed to be a budget or entry-level flash. Again, if you are picking up the flash from anywhere other than the links above or below be sure the one you order has the “S” suffix so it will actually fit your Sony A7Rii.

The TT685S comes with the Sony Multi-Interface shoes allowing it to quickly be attached to the Sony A7Rii when required. The flash holder does come with a brass thread rather than a plastic one like most of the entry-level flashes allowing for a firmer and secure attachment.The Godox TT685S is a good entry level flash for the Sony A7Rii.

The flash can be tilted forward seven degrees and backward up to ninety degrees with the head also being able to be rotated through a full three hundred and sixty-degree movement.

The included color diffuser with the TT685S is surprisingly good but not as effective as a dedicated full diffuser but for the price point, this is to be expected. It comes with a number of gel-based inserts for a large range of colors allowing you to customize the share and color of the flash as required. Some of the gel inserts are based around color correction for the flash whereas some are designed for creative effects.

The video below shows a third-party, independent overview of the Godox TT685S.

The flash is powered by four AA batteries that will power the flash for around 200 uses at a time with a recycle time of around two seconds. That said, it is fully compatible with the Godox lithium-ion battery pack that will increase the number of flashes as well as decrease the recycle time to around a second.

The navigation menu is easy to use but the button interface can be a little difficult to get used to at first. Also, the flash has not been weatherproofed so be careful when using it with your Sony A7Rii outside in wet weather.

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Yongnuo YN560 – The Budget Option Flash For The Sony A7Rii

The final, and cheapest flash that we will be covering on our list of the best flashes for the Sony A7Rii is the Yongnuo YN560 (click to check prices). The very low price point, good build quality, and reliability have helped the YN560 grow a solid following of both amateur and professional photographers over the years making it one of the most popular flashes on this list. Since publishing this article, we have also published our Yongnuo YN560 IV Review that you may find helpful.

That said, it is often used as a budget, entry-level or back up flash but will still work fine with your Sony A7Rii. The design is basically a rip off of the canon 580ex speedlight but the interior of the flash is totally different.

The Yongnuo YN560 logo, a decent entry level flash for the Sony A7Rii.

The flash comes with built-in wireless receiver technology allowing you to use it with other manual Yongnuo flash triggers such as the Yongnuo RF-603 if required. The LCD panel on the flash is basic but gets the job done allowing you to change settings, fault find, and see critical information such as low battery as and when required.

The flash also includes a PC port for future customization as well as battery pack port to extend the number of flashes and decrease the recycle time of the flash. The video below offers an independent overview of the Yongnuo YN560 that you may find useful if you are considering this flash for your Sony A7Rii.

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