The Ultimate Benro MK10 Review!

One thing that we have been slacking on recently is putting out reviews on selfie sticks. In the age of social media, the selfie stick is pretty much considered an essential camera accessory in this day and age but the market is a total minefield. Over the last five years or so a massive number of selfie sticks from a large number of different brands have been released onto the market with many of them being very low quality.

The vast majority of the time when it comes to recommending a selfie stick to our readers, we will go with the Fugetek FT-568 review (Click here to check for product prices and availability) as it really is an excellent bit of kit. It is one of the best selfie sticks on the market right now and has the best reputation amongst the community at the time of writing.

Now, the thing about being the best in your niche is that for any other product to be the best, you are the product they have to beat. Benro have decided to try and challenge Fugetek with their MK10 review so we have decided to publish our dedicated Benro MK10 review to see if it is up to the challenge or not.

Although the Benro MK10 is a relatively new tripod on the market, its low price tag, decent performance, and solid build quality have made it very popular within the community. In addition to this, the MK10 is also slowly building its reputation within the community and winning more and more people over.

User Interface And Control System

Now, in our opinion at least, one of the main reasons that the Benro MK10 selfie stick is quickly establishing itself and carving out a share of the market is due to its versatility. Rather than just being a traditional selfie stick, the MK10 is also a fully functioning mini tripods too helping to set itself aside from the competition. Although a number of other selfie sticks have tried to include some form of tripod functionality, they often fall short and totally miss the mark.

Thankfully, Benro has managed to hit the nail on the had and their tripod system is very easy to set up and provides you with some image stabilization while you are out and about. You are able to switch between the selfie stick mode and tripod mode of the product within seconds and the process is so simple, we would imagine all of our readers will be able to do it without running into problems.

In addition to the above, the Benro MK10 also comes with a fully functioning Bluetooth remote control to allow you to wirelessly activate the shutter on your camera of choice. The remote is easy to set up via the Bluetooth options on your device and is also simple to use. The Bluetooth remote should work with any modern device that supports Bluetooth connectivity too rather than having a limited pool of products it can work with.

When the tripod legs on the stick are closed, they also function as the handle of the Benro MK10 too. Thankfully, Benro has planned ahead and been sure to design the legs to b comfortable and easy to hold when they are closed. This allows you to hold the selfie stick up while capturing photographs or video footage without your hand cramping up. If you are planning to use the Benro MK10 then this is great as you can pretty much hold your camera rig on the selfie stick indefinitely while vlogging.

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Performance And Functionality

As the Benro MK10 is one of the more modern selfie sticks on the market at the time of writing, it has a number of advantages that the older sticks do not have such as better materials and more modern design. This results in the tripod being able to offer you additional functionality while also improving the amount of image stabilization that it can provide you with as well as the maximum upper load capacity that the stick can support.

The increased strength of the selfie stick allows you to safely mount the latest smartphones from brands like Apple and Samsung on it without issue while also being able to support the weight of the GoPro range as well as a number of other cameras from other action camera brands too. Although not officially supported, we have seen a number of people report mounting their point and shoot and lightweight mirrorless cameras on the stick too.

The small size and lightweight of the Benro MK10 also allows you to pack the selfie stick in your luggage without it having to take up much space or luggage allowance weight too. This allows you to take the stick on holiday with you and use it to help capture some excellent photographs and video footage while out and about on your travels.

Build Quality And Design

Another excellent feature of the Benro MK10 is that it has been built to be extremely heavy-duty and robust while still being as lightweight as possible. If you have ever used a selfie stick in the past, you will probably agree that the number one problem with the majority of the cheaper selfie sticks on the market is that they are so flimsy!

Thankfully, this is not the case with the MK10 and it can take more than its fair share of bumps and knocks without taking much damage or losing any of its performance. If you are planning on using the MK10 as a travel selfie stick then this is excellent as you can rest assured that you are able to pack the stick away in your luggage and it will b fully functional when you get to your destination.

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Question – What size if the mounting thread on the Benro MK10?

Answer – The selfie stick uses a 1/4 inch mounting thread.

Question – Can you use the Bluetooth remote to start and stop video capturing?

Answer – Yes but at the time of writing, this functionality will only work with smartphones, not action cameras.

Third Party Reports

We feel that the YouTube video review of the Benro MK10 above is probably the best external review of the selfie stick available at the time of writing. We always try to share an external opinion or review of all the products that we feature on our blog to offer a balanced view of the product to our readers.

In addition to the video above, you can also read a number of reviews of the selfie stick by clicking here. These reviews offer some excellent insights into the performance and functionality of the Benro MK10 while also giving you a good idea of why it is so popular.

Our Verdict

That brings our review of the Benro MK10 selfie stick to an end and as you can probably tell, we feel it is an excellent selfie stick that is only going to grow in popularity over the coming months and years. It is very robust while also offering you some excellent functionality and image stabilization too.

We feel confident in saying that if you are looking to add a selfie stick to your camera accessories, the MK10 is a great choice. That said if you are looking to mount a heavier camera to the stick like a heavy mirrorless camera or some type of DSLR we would recommend you check if the Fugetek FT-568 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) is able to meet your needs.

The Fugetek FT-568 covers you against the only limitation of the Benro MK10 that is its lower maximum load capacity, that said though, if you are just looking to mount a smartphone or action camera to the stick then the Benro MK10 is an excellent option.

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