The Ultimate Benro BK10 Review!

We have been publishing more and more content based around selfie sticks over the last few months and due to this, we have noticed a few requests about specific stick brands and models. After seeing so many people reaching out about the Benro Bk10 each month we have decided to take the time to publish our full Benro Bk10 review.

We are hoping that this article will help any of our readers who are considering adding the BK10 to their camera accessories but it also gives us something to link people to in the future who we see reaching out about the selfie stick. Although at the time of writing, the BK10 is not a hugely popular selfie stick, it has managed to earn itself a solid reputation over the last few months.

The solid build quality of the stick and its great performance leads us to think that it will keep growing its core customer base at a steady pace for the months and years to come too. Although it is up against some tough competition, the Benro Bk10 does have a few features that many competing selfie sticks do not that help to give it an edge over other sticks on the market right now.

User Interface And Control System

One of the best things that Benro have managed to do on the Bk10 is to have increased functionality on the selfie stick while also ensuring that it is as easy to use as possible. When being used as a selfie stick as shown in the image above, you simply mount your device to the selfie stick and go about your business capturing video or photographs as you wish.

The fully adjustable mount on the head of the stick allows you to quickly and easily secure your device ensuring that it is safe and will not end up falling to the ground during use either. When used as a selfie stick the Bluetooth activation button for the Bk10 is close to your natural thumb position allowing you to easily use the Bluetooth functionality that the stick offers.

On top of this, the handle of the stick has been designed to be as comfortable as possible too. If you are mounting a larger and heavier smartphone or action camera to your Bk10 then this is a great feature to have as you can hold the selfie stick for extended periods of time without getting hand cramps.

The image above shows the Benro Bk10 when being used as a mini tripod, this is the main feature that currently helps to set the BK10 apart from most of the competing selfie sticks on the market although more brands are releasing mini tripod compatible sticks as time goes on. It really couldn’t be easier to go from selfie stick mode to mini tripod mode and it can be done within seconds by flipping a little switch on the handle.

We really think that Benro has done a great job of keeping the Bk10 as simple and easy to use as possible while also ensuring that it offers an excellent level of functionality. At the time of writing, we feel it is a solid option for anyone wanting to pick up a selfie stick but as we said, competing brands are also starting to release sticks with the mini tripod functionality so time will tell.

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Performance And Functionality

Now, when it comes to a selfie stick there is only so much that you can expect when it comes to performance. Its main purpose is to provide you with a quick and easy way to capture selfies while you are out and about and the Benro Bk10 does this perfectly. As we explained above though, not only does it provide the additional reach of the stick as well as the image stabilization to capture your selfies with great image quality but it also has the mini tripod feature and Bluetooth features too.

We have made the shortlist of the main features of the Benro Bk10 below that we feel our readers will probably want to know:-

  • Maximum usable length – 33.8 inches.
  • Folded length 7.7 inches.
  • Smartphone and action cam adapters included.
  • Full Bluetooth wireless remote functionality.
  • Full support for smartphones up to 10cm in length.

The Bk10 does its job really well and is definatley into top percentage of selfie sticks on the market when it comes to its performance. We can definatley see why the stick has managed to earn the excellent reputation that it enjoys within the community too and its low price tag is just sugar on top to sweeten the deal.

On thing that we would like to point out though is that there is no officially listed maximum upper load capacity for the Benro Bk10. Although it is listed as supporting all smartphones under 10cm in length as well as all modern action cameras, we would not risk mounting a mirrorless or point and shoot camera on to the stick.

Build Quality And Design

The design and build quality is another area where the Benro Bk10 stands out from the competition and it has one of the best designs that we have seen. The ease of use and the speed that you can switch from selfie stick to mini tripod is excellent. The Bk10 has been designed so well that even then the legs of the mini tripod are closed and acting as the handle for the selfie stick, they are comfortable to hold too, even for extended periods of time.

The handle is made from high-quality plastics and although we could not find the material for the actual stick, we would imagine that it is an aluminum alloy. This ensures that the selfie stick is both lightweight whiles also robust allowing it to support the weight of your device.

The ball head on the stick is also solid and uses the standard 1/4 inch mounting thread allowing you to quickly and easily mount your devices to it. We really can’t fault Benro on the build quality of the stick and feel that as time goes on, more and more people will end up purchasing the Bk10 as it is such a well put together and reliable selfie stick.

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Question – Are additional Bluetooth remotes available?

Answer – You are able to pick up a large number of third-party Bluetooth remotes that can trigger your smartphone if the one on the stick stops working.

Question – Will the Benro Bk10 hold my smartphone if my phone is in an Otterbox case?

Answer – Although we have not personally tested this as we do not use Otterbox cases, we have seen reports of people confirming they are able to mount their phone in an Otterbox.

Question – Can I replace the ball head on the Benro Bk10?

Answer – No the head is fitted to the stick and non-removable.

Third Party Reports

We try to always share a review of all the products that we feature on our blog. Although we have covered all of the key points in the video above, we wanted to share it with our readers to act as an additional opinion on the Benro Bk10. Additionally, you can also click here to read some recent reviews on the Bk10 that have been posted by third-party owners of the stick.

Our Verdict

That brings us to the end of our review of the Benro Bk10 and we can definatley see why the selfie stick is held in such a high regard, its low price tag and excellent performance push it ahead of most of the selfie sticks on the market at the time of writing. The mini tripod functionality also allows the stick to provide you with some image stabilization to get some great image quality too. All in all, we feel it can make an excellent addition to your collection of camera accessories.

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