Our Full, In-Depth Apeman A77 Review!

Although GoPro has been the undisputed kings of premium action cameras for years now there are some newer breakthrough brands who have managed to corner the budget action cameras market. Rather than waste time and resources on trying to compete with GoPro, they have instead focused on making the best possible budget action camera possible.

In this article, we will be going over our full Apeman a77 review to help any of our readers who are considering picking up this budget-friendly GoPro alternative. With more and more people starting to pick up action cameras to record their adventures, we have seen a direct increase in the number of people reaching out for advice on budget-friendly action cameras that they can pick up and that is where the Apeman a77 comes in.

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Our Apeman Action Camera A77 Review

Considering the price of the Apeman a77 action camera it comes with a surprisingly high build quality while also being jam-packed with functionality offering you excellent performance. Since its release onto the market, the a77 has managed to steadily grow its core customer base and earn itself one of the best reputations on the market amongst the budget action camera products.

It offers all of the core functionality of an action camera that you would expect such as a max 4K resolution for excellent video quality, up to a 12MP photograph resolution, time-lapse photography, a 170 ° wide-angle lens, 2.4G wireless remote control, and built-in wi-fi. When housed within the included case the action camera is also fully waterproof down to a depth of thirty meters.

Each of the apeman action cam features can often be broken down via the fully customizable settings too. For example, your photograph resolution can be changed between 12MP, 8MP, 5MP, and 4MP to help extend the battery life of your camera while also capturing some excellent images. Additionally, your video resolution can also be changed between 4K 25fps, 2.7k 30fps, 1080P 60fps, 1080p 30fps, 720P 120fps, and 720P 60fps allowing you to extend your cameras battery life while also recording high-quality video footage.

Due to the large number of accessories included with the a77, it is able to hold its own against the majority of other budget-friendly action cameras currently available on the market. The Apeman a77 has proven its ability to be used for a number of watersports, winter sports, action sports, and extreme sports.

The Apeman A77 Time Lapse Settings

An example for a nighttime urban timelapse image that you could potentially use for an urban action video.

Unlike most entry-level or budget-friendly action cameras, the Apeman A77 offers a number of different timelapse settings to allow you to tweak the settings to better record your surroundings. The default time frames are two seconds, three seconds, five seconds, ten seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds, and one minute.

If you are wanting to record a timelapse of rolling clouds over mountains for your video of your skiing or snowboarding then you may want to use a time frame of ten or twenty seconds. On the flipside, if you are out and about doing some downhill mountain biking and you are wanting to record a flower blossom as some b-roll for your video then you may want to choose a time frame of one minute.

Either way, the a77 has plenty of time frame options for you to choose from allowing you to get the perfect timelapse every time.

Apeman A77 Accessories

Our apeman a77 action camera review would not be complete unless we included a break down of all of the accessories that are included as standard within the box of the camera. The image below is a full list of the accessories included with your purchase.

As you can see, the a77 included two batteries but you are also able to pick up various aftermarket batteries to help further increase your cameras battery life if you wish. This can allow you to stay out for eight or more hours while continuously recording your adventure and snapping photographs as you wish.

The waterproof case included with your purchase is of a surprisingly high-quality and easily beats that of the waterproof cases included with other brands of budget action camera. It is so efficient that unless you are planning on going lower than thirty meters underwater, you will be able to use the waterproof case without needing to invest in an aftermarket one. It is so effective that it essentially converts your a77 into a fully waterproof camera without lowering its image quality.

The USB cable included with the camera can be used for both data transfer between the cameras memory card and your computer as well as to charge your camera in your downtime. Although you can purchase longer USB cables if you wish, the default included one gets the job done without issue.

Although aftermarket remote controls are available for the a77, the apeman smartphone app can also offer this same functionality for free without needing to purchase one. There are also a number of different mounts and fittings included to allow you to attach your a77 to things such as bike bars or helmets and such to allow you to record your action sport of choice while keeping your hands free.

Aftermarket Accessories

Due to such a large number of accessories being included with the a77 as standard, the only accessories that we would recommend that you purchase is a high-quality, budget-friendly sd card (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Just remember that a large number of video resolutions will take up more space in a shorter time period the higher the resolution that you use so purchase your SD card accordingly.

We would recommend that you pick up a card with a minimum storage capacity of at 65GB to ensure that the card is able to record plenty of footage before it needs to be swapped out. The SanDisk card linked above is cheap enough to allow you to purchase multiple cards to ensure that when one fills up you are able to quickly and easily swap out the full card for a fresh empty one.

Some Apeman A77 Action Cam Test Footage

The video below offers some example footage of the a77 sports action camera to give you an indication of the type of image quality that it offers when in use.

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